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Thematic Sections

Language Teaching is structured to promote a variety of different themes and perspectives in the field of second-language teaching, as well as academic and professional discussion on bilingualism and multilingualism. To these ends, each issue of the journal has been divided into eight main sections. To highlight these sections, a selection of sample material has been offered below, two from each:

State-of-the-Art Articles:
A long-established and highly-regarded feature of the journal, each of these single-theme articles is accompanied by a review article on recent key books in the area under discussion.

Graham Hall and Guy Cook, 'Own-Language Use in Language Teaching and Learning'
Bonny Norton and Kelleen Toohey, 'Identity, Language Learning and Social Change'

Research Timeline:
A graphic presentation of key thought and research in the history of a particular area in SLA together with their representative bibliographical references. Designed to help the reader obtain an overview of the most significant bibliography in the area and spot the emerging tendencies, as well as monitor the development of research.

Lydia White, 'Universal Grammar, Crosslinguistic Variation, and Second Language Acquistition'
Anne Barron, 'Interlanguage Pragmatics: from Use to Acquisition to Second Language Pedagogy'

Plenary Speeches:
Keynote addresses and plenary speeches delivered at language teaching events and SLA conferences and lecture series around the world, giving readers an insight into current thinking and research agendas worldwide.

Claire Kramsch, 'The Symbolic Dimensions of the Intercultural'
Nina Spada, 'Beyond Form-Focused Instruction: Reflections on Past, Present and Future Research'

A Language / Country in Focus:
An article series surveying recent research on the teaching and learning of a particular language / second language teaching and learning in a particular country..

Marta Antón, 'A Review of Recent Research (2000-2008) on Applied Linguistics and Language Teaching with Specific Reference to L2 Spanish'
Larissa Aronin and Bernard Spolsky, 'Research in English Language Teaching and Learning in Israel (2004-2009)'

Thinking Allowed:
A space for contributors to present a personal stance either on a future research agenda or on the perceived current applications of research in the language teaching classroom.

Agneta M.-L. Svalberg, 'Language Awareness in Language Learning and Teaching: a Research Agenda'
I. S. P. Nation, 'Research into Practice: Vocabulary'

Research in the News:
Recent and current work by research groups in institutions worldwide and reports from symposia.

Yongqi Gu, 'National Research Centre for Foreign Language Education, Beijing Foreign Studies University - Strategising Foreign Language Education in China'
Marjolijn Verspoor, 'Symposium: Dynamic Systems / Complexity Theory as a New Approach to Second Language Development'

Replication Studies:
This section is exclusively dedicated to empirical research papers which either specifically report on replication studies carried out in an area of language teaching and learning or that recommend suitable replication studies to be carries out.

Mark D. Johnson and Christine L. Nicodemus, 'Testing a Threshold: An Approximate Replication of Johnson, Mercado & Acevedo 2012'
Stuart Webb, 'Learning Vocabulary Through Meaning-Focused Input: Replication of Elley (1989) and Liu & Nation (1985)'

Surveys of Ph.D./Ed.D. Theses:
A country-by-country overview of recent doctoral theses on mainstream topics.

Sabine Doff, Frank G. Königs, Nicole Marx and Birgit Schädlich, 'Review of Doctoral Research in Language Education in Germany (2009-2013)'

If you are interested in contributing to any of the above sections, click here to view instructions for contributors.

Language Teaching
  • ISSN: 0261-4448 (Print), 1475-3049 (Online)
  • Frequency: 4 issues per year
Language Teaching is the essential research resource for language professionals providing a rich and expert overview of research in the field of second-language teaching and learning. It offers critical survey articles of recent research on specific topics, second and foreign languages and countries, and invites original research articles reporting on replication studies and meta-analyses. The journal also includes regional surveys of outstanding doctoral dissertations, topic-based research timelines, theme-based research agendas, recent plenary conference speeches, and research-in-progress reports. A thorough peer-reviewing procedure applies to both the commissioned and the unsolicited articles.
Title history
Currently known as:
Language Teaching
Vol 15 (1982) onwards
ISSN: 0261-4448 (Print), 1475-3049 (Online)

Formerly known as:
Language Teaching & Linguistics: Abstracts
Vol 8 (1975) - Vol 14 (1981)
ISSN: 0261-4448 (Print), 1475-3049 (Online)

Language Teaching: Abstracts
Vol 1 (1968) - Vol 7 (1974)
ISSN: 0261-4448 (Print), 1475-3049 (Online)