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Caloplaca sol (Teloschistaceae), a new coastal lichen from Great Britain

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Caloplaca sol is described as a new species from limestone and basic siliceous rocks on the southern and western coasts of Great Britain. It is characterized by a well-developed, crustose, non-placodioid, epilithic, cracked, orange-yellow thallus, almost concolorous apothecia up to 0·66 mm diameter, and ascospores c. 11·0–12·2–13·0 µm long with a septum c. 0·4×the ascospore length. Caloplaca dalmatica is related but differs in the endolithic or only thinly epilithic thallus. Caloplaca marina is darker orange in colour, with more convex areoles, and is mostly confined to the splash zone of the seashore. Caloplaca maritima differs in the typically more convex, sometimes isolated areoles, and often in the presence of a crenulate thalline margin in young apothecia. Caloplaca itiana is newly reported from Great Britain from coastal limestone; it differs from C. sol in the thallus being endolithic or almost so, and from C. dalmatica in the more completely endolithic thallus and the larger ascospores.

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