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New species and new records in the family Graphidaceae (Ascomycota: Ostropales) from Vietnam

  • Santosh JOSHI (a1), Udeni JAYALAL (a1), Soon-Ok OH (a1), Young Jin KOH (a1), Thi Thuy NGUYEN (a2), Nguyen Anh DZUNG (a2) and Jae-Seoun HUR (a1)...

Acanthothecis salazinica and Diorygma archeri are described from Vietnam. The former is characterized by having a leprose thallus, creamish to whitish, entire, epruinose labia, a slit-like disc, a hyaline to brown, entire proper exciple, warty periphysoids, 8-spored asci, and 28–30-loculate, hyaline, I− ascospores, 70–120×7–14 µm in size. The latter has a greenish grey thallus, a poorly developed, hyaline to pale or brownish proper exciple, 1-spored asci, hyaline, muriform ascospores, and produces protocetraric acid. Acanthothecis corcovadensis, Diorygma erythrellum, D. junghuhnii, D. macgregorii, Platygramme platyloma, Pliariona montagnei and Thecaria quassiicola are recorded for the first time from the country.

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