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  • ISSN: 1461-1570 (Online)
  • Editors: D F Holt Mathematics Institute|University of Warwick , E L Mansfield SMSAS, Mathematics|University of Kent and R M Thomas Department of Computer Science |University of Leicester
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LMS Journal of Computation and Mathematics is an electronic-only resource that publishes papers on the computational aspects of mathematics, mathematical aspects of computation, and papers in mathematics which benefit from being published electronically. Rapid times to publication ensures that readers are kept abreast of ground-breaking developments fast and, while the main text of each paper is guaranteed to remain unaltered, the journal's format enables users to add updates and discussions to papers encouraging more interactivity. Hyperlinks are also provided for cross-references within and between papers. The journal is refereed to the same high standard as the established LMS journals, and carries a commitment from the LMS to keep it archived into the indefinite future. Access is free until further notice. Go to for further details.

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