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Exponential Mean-Square Stability of Numerical Solutions to Stochastic Differential Equations

Published online by Cambridge University Press:  01 February 2010

Desmond J. Higham
Department of Mathematics, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow G1,
Xuerong Mao
Department of Statistics and Modelling Science, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow Gl 1XH,,
Andrew M. Stuart
Mathematics Institute, University of Warwick, Coventry CV4,


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Positive results are proved here about the ability of numerical simulations to reproduce the exponential mean-square stability of stochastic differential equations (SDEs). The first set of results applies under finite-time convergence conditions on the numerical method. Under these conditions, the exponential mean-square stability of the SDE and that of the method (for sufficiently small step sizes) are shown to be equivalent, and the corresponding second-moment Lyapunov exponent bounds can be taken to be arbitrarily close. The required finite-time convergence conditions hold for the class of stochastic theta methods on globally Lipschitz problems. It is then shown that exponential mean-square stability for non-globally Lipschitz SDEs is not inherited, in general, by numerical methods. However, for a class of SDEs that satisfy a one-sided Lipschitz condition, positive results are obtained for two implicit methods. These results highlight the fact that for long-time simulation on nonlinear SDEs, the choice of numerical method can be crucial.

Research Article
Copyright © London Mathematical Society 2003


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