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Rewriting with generalized nominal unification

  • Yunus Kutz (a1) and Manfred Schmidt-Schauß (a1)


We consider matching, rewriting, critical pairs and the Knuth–Bendix confluence test on rewrite rules in a nominal setting extended by atom-variables. We utilize atom-variables instead of atoms to formulate and rewrite rules on constrained expressions, which is an improvement of expressiveness over previous approaches. Nominal unification and nominal matching are correspondingly extended. Rewriting is performed using nominal matching, and computing critical pairs is done using nominal unification. We determine the complexity of several problems in a quantified freshness logic. In particular we show that nominal matching is $$\prod _2^p$$ -complete. We prove that the adapted Knuth–Bendix confluence test is applicable to a nominal rewrite system with atom-variables, and thus that there is a decidable test whether confluence of the ground instance of the abstract rewrite system holds. We apply the nominal Knuth–Bendix confluence criterion to the theory of monads and compute a convergent nominal rewrite system modulo alpha-equivalence.


Corresponding author

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Manfred Schmidt-Schauß is supported by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) under grant SCHM 986/11-1.



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Rewriting with generalized nominal unification

  • Yunus Kutz (a1) and Manfred Schmidt-Schauß (a1)


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