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For scholars interested in joining wide-ranging conversations about the recent past, MAH will offer not only top-quality research articles but also a lively “below the fold” section with special features and innovative content. 

Historians are not always able to fit all of their insights and findings into their books and research articles. MAH therefore provides a place to share that extra creativity and passion.

In most of its issues, MAH features the following:


A collection of big picture essays (typically four of 2,000-2,500 words apiece) on a key question or problem in modern American history.

The Soapbox

A provocative think piece that makes a clear intervention or otherwise articulates an original vision for the field of modern American history. When scholars have something opinionated to say that falls outside the conventions of the primary source-driven research article, this feature provides a place to do so. Soapbox essays vary in length.


Employing an interview format, Q&A has three rotating formats. “The Debate Table” centers on a lively discussion between two scholars about an important concept or problem. “The Writer’s Studio” features a conversation with a single author about the craft of researching and writing. “The Visitors’ Corner” hosts individuals sharing news and insights from other fields or disciplines.

Take Three

Three scholars with different kinds of expertise offer close analysis (2,000 words apiece) of the same source, event, or artifact of modern American life. By pausing over an important detail from the recent past, and setting three different takes next to each other, this feature draws attention to the nature of interpretation and to methodological choices.

Into the Stacks

Devoted to thinking about books, this essay (2,000 words) goes beyond the basic book review in order to address key historiographical trends and questions. Authors have latitude to consider a range of books together, including not only new work but also classic literature that merits fresh consideration.

MAH welcomes proposals for forums or other special features.  Please send summaries of no more than 250 words to