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Fungi-Derived Pigments for Sustainable Organic (Opto)Electronics

  • Gregory Giesbers (a1), Jonathan Van Schenck (a1), Sarath Vega Gutierrez (a1), Sara Robinson (a1) and Oksana Ostroverkhova (a1)...


We present on the optical and electronic properties of a fungi-derived pigment xylindein for potential use in (opto)electronic applications. Optical absorption spectra in solutions of various concentrations and in film are compared and are consistent with aggregate formation in concentrated solutions and films. In order to improve film morphology obtained by solution deposition techniques, an amorphous polymer PMMA was introduced to xylindein to form xylindein:PMMA blends. Current-voltage characteristics and hole mobilities extracted from space-charge limited currents were found to be comparable between pristine xylindein and xylindein:PMMA films. Side by side comparison of the photoresponse of pristine xylindein and xylindein:PMMA films at 633 nm revealed an increase in the photosensitivity in xylindein:PMMA films due to the improved morphology favouring enhanced charge generation.


Corresponding author


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Fungi-Derived Pigments for Sustainable Organic (Opto)Electronics

  • Gregory Giesbers (a1), Jonathan Van Schenck (a1), Sarath Vega Gutierrez (a1), Sara Robinson (a1) and Oksana Ostroverkhova (a1)...


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