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An ancient method-inspired route for fast fabrication of ‘PbS bird feathers’

  • Xiaowei Liu (a1), Yongwen Tan (a1), Fangyu Zhang (a1), Peilu Ouyang (a2), Jiajun Gu (a3) and Di Zhang (a3)...

Many studies have been carried out to thoroughly understand the colorization mechanisms of bird feathers. However, most of the methods used so far are time-consuming (in days) and involve rather complicated steps (5 to 12). Here, we report a rapid way of producing ‘PbS bird feathers’; this method is inspired by a hair-dyeing method used in ancient Egypt 4000 years ago. The complete synthesis route comprises only two steps and can be completed within 2 h, with the original morphologies of bird feathers well preserved. This method has potential to be extended to the fast fabrication of other functional sulfides which are too complicated to fabricate otherwise.

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