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Domain structures and magnetoelectric effects in multiferroic nanostructures

  • Deyang Chen (a1), Xingsen Gao (a1) and Jun-Ming Liu (a2)


Multiferroic nanostructures have been attracting tremendous attention not only for novel phenomena associated with fundamental physics, but also due to exciting application potentials in future nanoelectronic devices. In this mini-review, we first introduce several fabrication techniques recently developed for single phase and composite multiferroic nanostructures. Then, the topologic vortex domain structures in various ferroic nanostructures, which may bring about additional fundamental discoveries and applications in ultrahigh density recording, are discussed. Particular attention is paid to magnetoelectric effects in multiferroic nanodots, including room temperature electric field induced magnetic domain switching. Finally, existing challenges and new directions, e.g., cross-couplings among multiple functionalities, are prospected. We genuinely hope that this mini-review will arouse the readers' interest in this fascinating field.


Corresponding author

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