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New perspectives on nano-engineering by secondary electron spectroscopy in the helium ion and scanning electron microscope

  • Nicola Stehling (a1), Robert Masters (a1), Yangbo Zhou (a2), Robert O'Connell (a3), Chris Holland (a1), Hongzhou Zhang (a3) and Cornelia Rodenburg (a1)...


The helium ion microscope (HeIM) holds immense promise for nano-engineering and imaging with scope for in-situ chemical analysis. Here we will examine the potential of secondary electron hyperspectral imaging (SEHI) as a new route to exploring chemical variations in both two and three dimensions. We present a range of early applications in the context of image interpretation in wider materials science and process control in ion beam-based nano-engineering. Necessary steps for SEHI in the HeIM to evolve into a reliable technique which can be fully embedded into nano-engineering workflows are considered.


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New perspectives on nano-engineering by secondary electron spectroscopy in the helium ion and scanning electron microscope

  • Nicola Stehling (a1), Robert Masters (a1), Yangbo Zhou (a2), Robert O'Connell (a3), Chris Holland (a1), Hongzhou Zhang (a3) and Cornelia Rodenburg (a1)...


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