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Nonlinear nanocircuitry based on quantum tunneling effects

  • Pai-Yen Chen (a1), Khai Q. Le (a2) (a3) and Andrea Alù (a4)

Metatronics, or metamaterial-inspired optical nanocircuitry, has provided a powerful toolset to tailor and implement modular quasi-static circuit functionalities in the optical regime. So far, these concepts have been mostly limited to linear operations, while many of the relevant operations in integrated circuits require nonlinear responses. In this work, we introduce nonlinear infrared nanocircuit elements exploiting large quantum conductance driven by photon-assisted tunneling and enhanced by hybrid plasmonic nanojunctions. Based on these concepts, we present infrared lumped nanocircuit mixers and switches for second-harmonic generation, and wide-spectrum self-amplitude modulators based on nanorods.

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