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Polydiacetylene ribbons formed using the controlled evaporative self-assembly (CESA) method

  • E. Van Keuren (a1), C. Pornrungroj (a2), C. Fu (a2), X. Zhang (a1), S. Okada (a3), H. Katsuyama (a3), K. Kikuchi (a3), T. Onodera (a2) and H. Oikawa (a2)...


Methods for the control of molecular deposition and orientation are critical for the development of organic electronic devices. Here, we show the fabrication of ribbons of the optical material polydiacetylene (PDA) using a controlled evaporative self-assembly method. The ability to form these ribbons is highly dependent on both the side groups on the PDA as well as the solvent used in the preparation. Arrays of ribbons of one type of PDA, poly[1,6-di(N-carbazolyl)-2,4-hexadiyne], with widths on the order of 1–2 µm and lengths of 100s of micrometers, could be successfully obtained with good orientation.


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Polydiacetylene ribbons formed using the controlled evaporative self-assembly (CESA) method

  • E. Van Keuren (a1), C. Pornrungroj (a2), C. Fu (a2), X. Zhang (a1), S. Okada (a3), H. Katsuyama (a3), K. Kikuchi (a3), T. Onodera (a2) and H. Oikawa (a2)...


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