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Unique mechanical properties of fullerite derivatives synthesized with a catalytic polymerization reaction

  • M. Popov (a1), V. Blank (a1), S. Perfilov (a2), D. Ovsyannikov (a2), B. Kulnitskiy (a3), E. Tyukalova (a3), V. Prokhorov (a3), I. Maslenikov (a3), I. Perezhogin (a4), E. Skryleva (a5) and Yu Parkhomenko (a5)...

Fullerite derivatives synthesized with a catalytic polymerization reaction at a relatively low-pressure range of 0.5–4 GPa show unique mechanical properties: elastic recovery is 98% and hardness possibly approaches 100 GPa. Structure of the samples is also unique: one composes from fragments of C60 molecules linked by the covalent bonds. To obtain the homogeneous crack-free samples, we synthesized B4C–fullerite derivatives composite which show a 550 MPa flexural stress, a 2250 MPa compressive strength, and a 28 GPa hardness and have density of 2.2 g/cm3.

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