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Vortex glass-liquid transition and activated flux motion in an epitaxial, superconducting NdFeAs(O,F) thin film

  • J. Hänisch (a1), K. Iida (a2), T. Ohmura (a3), T. Matsumoto (a2), T. Hatano (a2), M. Langer (a1), S. Kauffmann-Weiss (a1), H. Ikuta (a2) and B. Holzapfel (a1)...

An epitaxial NdFeAs(O,F) thin film of 90 nm thickness grown by molecular beam epitaxy on MgO single crystal with Tc = 44.2 K has been investigated regarding a possible vortex glass–liquid transition. The voltage–current characteristics show excellent scalability according to the vortex-glass model with a static critical exponent ν of around 1.35 and a temperature-dependent dynamic exponent z increasing from 7.8 to 9.0 for the investigated temperature range. The large and non-constant z values are discussed in the frame of 3D vortex glass, thermally activated flux motion, and inhomogeneity broadening.

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