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New Theatre Quarterly
  • ISSN: 0266-464X EISSN: 1474-0613
  • Editors: Maria Shevtsova Goldsmiths, University of London, UK and Simon Trussler Rose Bruford College, UK
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New Theatre Quarterly provides a vital international forum where theatrical scholarship and practice can meet and where prevailing dramatic assumptions can be subjected to vigorous critical questioning. It shows that theatre history has a contemporary relevance, that theatre studies need a methodology and that theatre criticism needs a language. The journal publishes news, analysis and debate within the field of theatre studies.

Music, Theatre and Art on fifteeneightyfour

  • Stuart Sillars on the Visual in Shakespeare
  • 26 August 2016, Sam Saloway Cooke
  • It’s time we started to take Shakespeare seriously. Not as the inventor of human character, nor as the dramatist who cleverly foresaw the ideas of Bourdieu,...
  • Six Views on the Theatrical Past
  • 09 June 2016, Sam Saloway Cooke
  • This year, the theme of the International Federation for Theatre Research conference is ‘Presenting the Theatrical Past: Interplays of Artefacts, Discourses...
  • Upending Expectations: Four Disconcerting Works
  • 02 June 2016, Diana Rissetto
  • FifteenEightyFour has been discussing music with author John MacAuslan. In his fourth and final article, MacAuslan explores four very different and distinct...