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Gross spinal anatomy and limb use in living and fossil reptiles

  • Emily B. Giffin (a1)

The spinal quotient (S.Q.) is an osteologically defined estimate of the enlargement of the spinal cord at limb levels over that at interlimb levels. It is an efficient predictor of limb use in living reptiles and birds and may be used to predict limb function in fossil vertebrates. Among living reptiles, this ratio of limb to interlimb innervation is greatest in arboreal genera, followed by terrestrial sprawlers, aquatic forms, and undulatory forms. Birds show a wide range of brachial S.Q. values that are roughly commensurate with flight ability. S.Q. values for the manipulative forelimbs of some dinosaurs fall well above those of locomotory limbs. Dinosaur hind-limb values are either well within ranges predicted by living reptiles and birds (most taxa), or highly inflated (stegosaurs, sauropods). This inflation may be the result of presence of a glycogen body similar to that of birds. In no case does the lumbosacral S.Q. support the presence of a “sacral brain.”

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