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Acephaline gregarines of British earthworms–their possible host specificity

  • A. O. Segun (a1)


The host-specificity of monocystids was investigated experimentally by infesting infection-free Dendrobaena subrubicunda f. typica with sporocysts of Apolocystis megagranulata and A. lavernensis normally found in Dendrobaena subrubicunda and Allolobophora longa respectively. An attempt to infect worms raised free from infection with sporocysts of Monocystis agilis normally harboured by Lumbricus spp. was unsuccessful. Eighteen of the thirty identified monocystids were found to be monobiotic (species-specific), eleven were oligobiotic (genus-specific) and only one was polybiotic (family-specific).

The writer wishes to express his sincere appreciation to Dr Anne Terry for her advice and useful suggestions, and to Mr D. Etherington, the head of department, for his encouragements throughout the research period.



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