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Nanoencapsulation of benznidazole in calcium carbonate increases its selectivity to Trypanosoma cruzi

  • Louise Donadello Tessarolo (a1), Ramon Róseo Paula Pessoa Bezerra de Menezes (a1), Clarissa Perdigão Mello (a1), Dânya Bandeira Lima (a1), Emanuel Paula Magalhães (a1), Eveline Matias Bezerra (a2), Francisco Adilson Matos Sales (a3), Ito Liberato Barroso Neto (a4), Maria de Fátima Oliveira (a1), Ricardo Pires dos Santos (a5), Eudenilson L. Albuquerque (a6), Valder Nogueira Freire (a4) and Alice Maria Martins (a1)...


Chagas disease is a public health problem, affecting about 7 million people worldwide. Benznidazole (BZN) is the main treatment option, but it has limited effectiveness and can cause severe adverse effects. Drug delivery through nanoparticles has attracted the interest of the scientific community aiming to improve therapeutic options. The aim of this study was to evaluate the cytotoxicity of benznidazole-loaded calcium carbonate nanoparticles (BZN@CaCO3) on Trypanosoma cruzi strain Y. It was observed that BZN@CaCO3 was able to reduce the viability of epimastigote, trypomastigote and amastigote forms of T. cruzi with greater potency when compared with BZN. The amount of BZN necessary to obtain the same effect was up to 25 times smaller when loaded with CaCO3 nanoparticles. Also, it was observed that BZN@CaCO3 enhanced the selectivity index. Furthermore, the cell-death mechanism induced by both BZN and BZN@CaCO3 was evaluated, indicating that both substances caused necrosis and changed mitochondrial membrane potential.


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Nanoencapsulation of benznidazole in calcium carbonate increases its selectivity to Trypanosoma cruzi

  • Louise Donadello Tessarolo (a1), Ramon Róseo Paula Pessoa Bezerra de Menezes (a1), Clarissa Perdigão Mello (a1), Dânya Bandeira Lima (a1), Emanuel Paula Magalhães (a1), Eveline Matias Bezerra (a2), Francisco Adilson Matos Sales (a3), Ito Liberato Barroso Neto (a4), Maria de Fátima Oliveira (a1), Ricardo Pires dos Santos (a5), Eudenilson L. Albuquerque (a6), Valder Nogueira Freire (a4) and Alice Maria Martins (a1)...


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