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Solubilization and immunoprecipitation of 125I-labelled antigens from Plasmodium knowlesi schizont-infected erythrocytes using non-ionic, anionic and zwitterionic detergents

  • R. J. Howard (a1) and J. W. Barnwell (a1)


Plasmodium knowlesi malaria-infected erythrocytes were radio-iodinated and several non-ionic, anionic and zwitterionic detergents were compared in their capacity to extract the labelled membrane proteins. The use of these detergents for antigen identification was tested by immunoprecipitation, after addition of Triton X-100 to some detergent extracts, using hyperimmune monkey antiserum and protein A-Sepharose. 125I-labelled antigens were specifically immunoprecipitated with all detergents tested, including the anionic detergents sodium dodecyl sulphate (SDS), deoxycholate and cholate; the zwitterions Zwittergent-312 and -314, CHAPS and Empigen BB, as well as several non-ionic detergents. The SDS-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis patterns of 125I-labelled antigens varied after extraction with different detergents, there being no consistent pattern for detergents of a particular class. A total of 14 125I-labelled antigens were identified, 11 of them using Triton X-100. Some minor antigens identified with Triton X-100 were immunoprecipitated in greater amount after extraction in other detergents. Most importantly, two antigens Mr 200000 and 180000 were detected only after extraction with deoxycholate or SDS.



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