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Improved A1A and Related Estimates for Commutators of Rough Singular Integrals

  • Israel P. Rivera-Ríos (a1) (a2)


An A1A estimate, improving on a previous result for [b, TΩ] with $\Omega \in L^{infty}({\open S}^{n - 1})$ and b∈BMO is obtained. A new result in terms of the A constant and the one supremum AqAexp constant is also proved, providing a counterpart for commutators of the result obtained by Li. Both of the preceding results rely upon a sparse domination result in terms of bilinear forms, which is established using techniques from Lerner.



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Improved A1A and Related Estimates for Commutators of Rough Singular Integrals

  • Israel P. Rivera-Ríos (a1) (a2)


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