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Unfaithful minimal Heilbronn characters of L2(q)

  • Hy Ginsberg (a1)


When a minimal Heilbronn character θ is unfaithful on a Sylow p-subgroup P of a finite group G, we know that G is quasi-simple, p is odd, P is cyclic, NG(P) is maximal and either NG(P) is the unique maximal subgroup containing Ω1(P) or G/Z(G) ≅ L2(q) for q an odd prime with p dividing q − 1. In this paper we examine the exceptional case, where G/Z(G) ≅ L2(q), explicitly constructing unfaithful minimal Heilbronn characters from the non-principal irreducible characters of G.



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Unfaithful minimal Heilbronn characters of L2(q)

  • Hy Ginsberg (a1)


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