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Influence of triacylglycerol structure of stearic acid-rich fats on postprandial lipaemia

  • Sarah E. E. Berry (a1) and Thomas A. B. Sanders (a1)

Exaggerated postprandial lipaemia may increase the risk of CHD by contributing to both thrombotic and atherogenic processes. Previous research has focused on the quantity and composition of dietary fat, whereas the effect of triacylglycerol (TAG) structure on postprandial lipaemia and clotting factor VII activity has received little attention. TAG with similar fatty acid composition may have different biochemical and physical properties that are dependent on their TAG structure, and these differences may affect lipid metabolism. Recent findings suggest that differences in the physical properties of stearic acid-rich fats are associated with differences in postprandial lipaemia, and may play an important role in determining their rates of digestion and absorption.

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      Influence of triacylglycerol structure of stearic acid-rich fats on postprandial lipaemia
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      Influence of triacylglycerol structure of stearic acid-rich fats on postprandial lipaemia
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      Influence of triacylglycerol structure of stearic acid-rich fats on postprandial lipaemia
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Corresponding author
*Corresponding author: Dr Sarah Berry, fax +44 20 7848 4185, email
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