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Excavation of an Untouched Chamber in the Lanhill Long Barrow

  • Alexander Keiller (a1), Stuart Piggott (a1), A. D. Passmore (a2) and A. J. E. Cave (a2)


The Lanhill Barrow stands on the south side of the Chippenham–Marshfield road about 2½ miles west-north-west of the former place. It stands on level ground with a gentle slope to the south down to a small spring a few yards away on that side. The water runs east and at the bottom a dam has been carried across the field thus at one time forming a small lake, this is probably later in date than the barrow itself. The direction of the barrow is slightly south of east and north of west with the larger end to the former point. It is about 185 ft. long by 90 ft. wide at the east end, gradually tapering to a point at the west.



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page 124 note 1 Examples have been found at Poles Wood South and at Eyford, while recently I have discovered in the same position, a large portal stone, lying on the north west flank of the large barrow at Gatcombe Lodge. This seems to have been shaped in the Rodmarton manner but is lying three parts buried in rough bush so that a careful examination is impossible without excavation; in any case there is little doubt that it is part of a chamber that once existed here. The stone is now 6 ft. long by 3 ft. wide by about 2 ft. thick.

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Excavation of an Untouched Chamber in the Lanhill Long Barrow

  • Alexander Keiller (a1), Stuart Piggott (a1), A. D. Passmore (a2) and A. J. E. Cave (a2)


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