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Climatology of the Eastern Arabian Sea during the last glacial Cycle reconstructed from paired measurement of foraminiferal δ18O and Mg/Ca

  • V.K. Banakar (a1), B.S. Mahesh (a1), G. Burr (a2) and A.R. Chodankar (a1)

Paired measurements of Mg/Ca and δ18O of Globigerenoides sacculifer from an Eastern Arabian Sea (EAS) sediment core indicate that sea-surface temperature (SST) varied within 2°C and sea-surface salinity within 2 psu during the last 100 ka. SST was coldest (∽ 27°C) during Marine Isotope Stage (MIS) 4 and 2. Sea-surface salinity was highest (∽ 37.5 psu) during most of the last glacial period (∽ 60–18 ka), concurrent with increased δ18O G.sacculifer and C/N ratios of organic matter and indicative of sustained intense winter monsoons. SST time series are influenced by both Greenland and Antarctic climates. However, the sea-surface salinity time series and the deglacial warming in the SST record (beginning at ∽18 ka) compare well with the LR04 benthic δ18O-stack and Antarctic temperatures. This suggests a teleconnection between the climate in the Southern Hemisphere and the EAS. Therefore, the last 100-ka variability in EAS climatology appears to have evolved in response to a combination of global climatic forcings and regional monsoons. The most intense summer monsoons within the Holocene occurred at ∽8 ka and are marked by SST cooling of ∽ 1°C, sea-surface salinity decrease of 0.5 psu, and δ18O G.sacculifer decrease of 0.2‰.

Corresponding author
*Corresponding author. Fax: + 91 832 245 0609.
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1 Present address: B-6, Datta Apartments, Porvorim, Goa-403 008, India.
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