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Paleoclimate Changes during the last 100,000 yr from a Record in the Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest region and Interhemispheric Comparison

  • M.-P. Ledru (a1) (a2), D.-D. Rousseau (a2), F.W. Cruz (a1) (a3), C. Riccomini (a1), I. Karmann (a1) and L. Martin (a4)...

A long terrestrial record, Colônia CO-3, from the Atlantic rainforest region in Brazil (23°52′S, 46°42′20 ʺW, 900 m a.s.l.) registrates variations in the forest expansion during the last 100,000 yr. The 780-cm depth core was analyzed at 2-cm intervals and arboreal pollen frequencies were compared to nearby speleothem stable isotope records and neighboring marine records from the tropical Atlantic. To evaluate regional versus global climate forcing, our record was compared with Greenland and Antarctic ice-core records. These comparisons suggest that changes in temperature seen in polar latitudes relate to moisture changes: e.g., to changes in the length of the dry season, in tropical and subtropical latitudes during glacial as well as interglacial times. These climatic changes result from changes in the frequency of polar air incursions to these latitudes inducing a permanent cloud cover and precipitation. This is an important result that should help define paleoclimatic features in the Southern Hemisphere for the last glaciation.

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