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Variable sequence of events during the past seven terminations in two deep-sea cores from the Southern Ocean

  • Aya Schneider Mor (a1), Ruth Yam (a1), Cristina Bianchi (a2), Martina Kunz-Pirrung (a2), Rainer Gersonde (a2) and Aldo Shemesh (a1)...


The relationships among internally consistent records of summer sea-surface temperature (SSST), winter sea ice (WSI), and diatomaceous stable isotopes were studied across seven terminations over the last 660 ka in sedimentary cores from ODP sites 1093 and 1094. The sequence of events at both sites indicates that SSST and WSI changes led the carbon and nitrogen isotopic changes in three Terminations (TI, TII and TVI) and followed them in the other four Terminations (TIII, TIV, TV and TVII). In both TIII and TIV, the leads and lags between the proxies were related to weak glacial mode, while in TV and TVII they were due to the influence of the mid-Pleistocene transition. We show that the sequence of events is not unique and does not follow the same pattern across terminations, implying that the processes that initiated climate change in the Southern Ocean has varied through time.


Corresponding author

*Corresponding author at: Stanford University, 367 Panama St., Stanford, CA 94305, USA. E-mail address: (A. Schneider Mor).


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Variable sequence of events during the past seven terminations in two deep-sea cores from the Southern Ocean

  • Aya Schneider Mor (a1), Ruth Yam (a1), Cristina Bianchi (a2), Martina Kunz-Pirrung (a2), Rainer Gersonde (a2) and Aldo Shemesh (a1)...


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