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Development and experimental evaluation of multi-fingered robot hand with adaptive impedance control for unknown environment grasping

  • Ting Zhang (a1) (a2), Li Jiang (a2), Shaowei Fan (a2), Xinyu Wu (a1) and Wei Feng (a1)...

This paper presents adaptive impedance controllers with adaptive sliding mode friction compensation for anthropomorphic artificial hand. A five-fingered anthropomorphic artificial hand with multi-sensory and Field-Programmable Gate Arra (FPGA)-based control hardware and software architecture is designed to fulfill the requirements of the grasping force controller. In order to improve the force-tracking precision, the indirect adaptive algorithm was applied to estimate the parameters of the environment. The generalized momentum-based disturbance observer was applied to estimate the contact force from the torque sensor. Based on the sensors of the finger, an adaptive sliding mode friction compensation algorithm was utilized to improve the accuracy of the position control. The performances of the force-tracking impedance controller and position-based joint impedance control for the five-fingered anthropomorphic artificial hand are analyzed and compared in this paper. Furthermore, the performances of the force-tracking impedance controller with environmental parameters adaptive estimation and without environmental parameters estimation are analyzed and compared. Experimental results prove that accurate force-tracking and stable torque/force response under uncertain environments of unknown stiffness and position can be achieved with the proposed adaptive force-tracking impedance controller with friction compensation on five-finger artificial hand.

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