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Dynamic analysis of Hexarot: axis-symmetric parallel manipulator

  • Siamak Pedrammehr (a1), Behzad Danaei (a2), Hamid Abdi (a1), Mehdi Tale Masouleh (a2) and Saeid Nahavandi (a1)...

In this study, the kinematics and dynamics of a six-degree-of-freedom parallel manipulator, known as Hexarot, are evaluated. Hexarot is classified under axis-symmetric robotic mechanisms. The manipulator comprises a cylindrical base column and six actuated upper arms, which are connected to a platform through passive joints and six lower arms. The actuators of the mechanism are located inside a cylindrical-shaped base, which allows the mechanism to rotate infinitely about the axes of the latter column. In the context of kinematics, the inverse-kinematic problem is solved using positions, velocities, and accelerations of the actuated joints with respect to the position, orientation, and motion of the platform. Accordingly, the main objective of this study is to dynamically model the manipulator using the Newton–Euler approach. For validation, the obtained dynamic model of the Hexarot manipulator is simulated in MATLAB based on the formulations presented in this paper. The kinematic and dynamic models of the manipulator are simulated for a given motion scenario using MATLAB and ADAMS. The results of the mathematical model obtained using MATLAB are in good agreement with that using the ADAMS model, confirming the effectiveness of the proposed mathematical model.

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