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Inverse dynamics of the 6-dof out-parallel manipulator by means of the principle of virtual work

  • Yongjie Zhao (a1) and Feng Gao (a1)

In this paper, the inverse dynamics of the 6-dof out-parallel manipulator is formulated by means of the principle of virtual work and the concept of link Jacobian matrices. The dynamical equations of motion include the rotation inertia of motor–coupler–screw and the term caused by the external force and moment exerted at the moving platform. The approach described here leads to efficient algorithms since the constraint forces and moments of the robot system have been eliminated from the equations of motion and there is no differential equation for the whole procedure. Numerical simulation for the inverse dynamics of a 6-dof out-parallel manipulator is illustrated. The whole actuating torques and the torques caused by gravity, velocity, acceleration, moving platform, strut, carriage, and the rotation inertia of the lead screw, motor rotor and coupler have been computed.

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