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Objectives, criteria and methods for the design of the SmartHand transradial prosthesis

  • Christian Cipriani (a1), Marco Controzzi (a1) and Maria Chiara Carrozza (a1)

This paper presents the requirements, design criteria and methodology used to develop the design of a new self-contained prosthetic hand to be used by transradial amputees. The design is based on users' needs, on authors background and knowledge of the state of the art, and feasible fabrication technology with the aim of replicating as much as possible the functionality of the human hand. The paper focuses on the design approach and methodology which is divided into three steps: (i) the mechanical actuation units, design and actuation distribution; (ii) the mechatronic development and finally (iii) the controller architecture design. The design is presented here and compared with significant commercial devices and research prototypes.

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