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Position analysis, singularity loci and workspace of a novel 2PRPU Schoenflies-motion generator

  • Henrique Simas (a1) and Raffaele Di Gregorio (a2)

Pick-and-place applications need to perform rigid body displacements that combine translations along three independent directions and rotations around one fixed direction (Schoenflies motions). Such displacements constitute a four-dimensional (4-D) subgroup (Schoenflies subgroup) of the 6-D displacement group. The four-degrees of freedom (dof) manipulators whose end effector performs only Schoenflies motions are named Schoenflies-motion generators (SMGs). The most known SMGs are the serial robots named SCARA. In the literature, parallel manipulators (PMs) have also been proposed as SMGs. Here, a novel single-loop SMG of type 2PRPU is studied. Its position analysis, singularity loci and workspace are addressed to provide simple analytic and geometric tools that are useful for the design. The proposed single-loop SMG is not overconstrained, its actuators are on or near the base and its end effector can perform a complete rotation. These features solve the main drawbacks that parallel SMG architectures have in general and make the proposed SMG a valid design alternative.

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