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A reconfigurable tri-prism mobile robot with eight modes

  • Jieyu Wang (a1), Yan'an Yao (a2) and Xianwen Kong (a1)

A novel reconfigurable tri-prism mobile robot with eight modes is proposed. The robot is composed of two feet connected by three U-R-U (universal-revolute-universal) limbs. The robot incorporates the kinematic properties of sphere robots, squirming robots, tracked robots, wheeled robots and biped robots. In addition, the somersaulting and turning modes are also explored. After the description of the robot, the DOF (degree-of-freedom) is calculated based on screw theory. The 3D model and simulations indicate that the robot can cross several typical obstacles and can also be folded via two approaches. Finally, the prototype experiments are presented to verify the feasibility of the proposed mobile robot in different motion mode.

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