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Robust adaptive control of door opening by a mobile rescue manipulator based on unknown-force-related constraints estimation

  • Liang Ding (a1), Kerui Xia (a1), Haibo Gao (a1), Guangjun Liu (a2) and Zongquan Deng (a1)...

This study focuses on a door-opening mobile manipulator operating in four phases (reaching the door, grasping the door handle, turning the door handle, and pulling the door). We use force/torque feedback-based control, achieving compliance of the mobile base when it comes into contact with the handle. A method is proposed for estimating the unknown force-related constraints from manipulator joint position measurements. A robust adaptive control strategy is developed for tracking the planned trajectory to open the door. Finally, a mobile manipulator opens a real door with a locked latch and unknown force-related constraints, demonstrating the validity of the proposed approach.

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