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Drought Stress alters Solute Allocation in Broadleaf Dock (Rumex obtusifolius)

  • Anna Katarina Gilgen (a1) and Urs Feller (a1)

According to climate models, drier summers must be expected more frequently in Central Europe during the next decades, which may influence plant performance and competition in grassland. The overall source–sink relations in plants, especially allocation of solutes to above- and below-ground parts, may be affected by drought. To investigate solute export from a given leaf of broadleaf dock, a solution containing 57Co and 65Zn was introduced through a leaf flap. The export from this leaf was detected by analysing radionuclide contents in various plant parts. Less label was allocated to new leaves and more to roots under drought. The observed alterations of source–sink relations in broadleaf dock were reversible during a subsequent short period of rewatering. These findings suggest an increased resource allocation to roots under drought improving the functionality of the plants.

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