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  • ISSN: 0043-1745 (Print), 1550-2759 (Online)
  • Editor: William K. Vencill College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences, University of Georgia, USA
  • Editorial board
Weed Science publishes original research and scholarship in the form of peer-reviewed articles focused on fundamental research directly related to all aspects of weed science in agricultural systems. Topics for Weed Science include:
- the biology and ecology of weeds in agricultural, forestry, aquatic, turf, recreational, rights-of-way and other settings, genetics of weeds

- herbicide resistance, chemistry, biochemistry, physiology and molecular action of herbicides and plant growth regulators used to manage undesirable vegetation

- ecology of cropping and other agricultural systems as they relate to weed management

- biological and ecological aspects of weed control tools including biological agents, and herbicide resistant crops

- effect of weed management on soil, air and water.

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The average time from article submission to first decision is 41 days


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