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Evaluation of Weed Emergence Model AlertInf for Maize in Soybean

  • Roberta Masin (a1), Donato Loddo (a1), Valentina Gasparini (a1), Stefan Otto (a2) and Giuseppe Zanin (a1)...

AlertInf is a recently developed model to predict the daily emergence of three important weed species in maize cropped in northern Italy (common lambsquarters, johnsongrass, and velvetleaf). Its use can improve the effectiveness and sustainability of weed control, and there has been growing interest from farmers and advisors. However, there are two important limits to its use: the low number of weed species included and its applicability only to maize. Consequently, the aim of this study was to expand the AlertInf weed list and extend its use to soybean. The first objective was to add another two important weed species for spring-summer crops in Italy, barnyardgrass and large crabgrass. Given that maize and soybean have different canopy architectures that can influence the interrow microclimate, the second objective was to compare weed emergence in maize and soybean sown on the same date. The third objective was to evaluate if AlertInf was transferable to soybean without recalibration, thus saving time and money. Results showed that predictions made by AlertInf for all five species simulated in soybean were satisfactory, as shown by the high efficiency index (EF) values, and acceptable from a practical point of view. The fact that the algorithm used for estimating weed emergence in maize was also efficient for soybean, at least for crops grown in northeastern Italy with standard cultural practices, encourages further development of AlertInf and the spread of its use.

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