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Biology and Life Cycle of Purple and Yellow Nutsedges (Cyperus rotundus and C. esculentus)

  • E. W. Stoller (a1) and R. D. Sweet (a2)

Yellow and purple nutsedges (Cyperus esculentus L. # CYPES and C. rotundus L. # CYPRO) are herbaceous perennial weeds that are among the worst pests known. Holm et al. list purple nutsedge as the world's worst weed and yellow nutsedge as the sixteenth worst weed. Both weeds infest crop production areas in tropical and temperate climates, causing large losses in crop yields. While both species proliferate in the warm regions of the world, yellow nutsedge inhabits a wider range than purple nutsedge in the temperate areas, primarily because yellow nutsedge can tolerate colder temperatures. With such an extended range of habitation, many ecotypic variations of these species would be expected since they likely have adjusted to a multitude of local environments.

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