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Eighteenth-Century Connections is a series of Elements dedicated to publishing the best new research about eighteenth-century literary culture.

Eighteenth-Century Connections

This new Elements series builds on the best recent historical work in eighteenth-century studies by focusing on the connections that define literature and culture during the “long” eighteenth-century (c. 1680-1830).

“Connections” asserts that many agents contribute to the making of texts -- not just authors, but also readers, reviewers, correspondents, printers, publishers, patrons, and theatre managers. It situates writers within personal and professional networks, establishing the relationships between writing and other forms of labour and revealing the social, economic and intellectual drivers and impediments to the work of writing.

“Connections” explores regional and transnational geographical networks. It affirms an expansive view of eighteenth-century literary culture as a global phenomenon.

“Connections” evokes complex and inter-related textual forms, many of which defy conventional or familiar generic frameworks. It responds to the permeability and hybridity of the eighteenth-century’s newest and most characteristic literary forms, including the novel, life writing, periodical literature, the miscellany, the “how-to” book, and poetic and visual satire.

Finally, “Connections” speaks to the way we “do” eighteenth-century studies in the twenty-first century: across disciplinary, national and linguistic boundaries, and between a range of scholarly practices that include research, teaching and public engagement.

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To submit a proposal for an Element in the Eighteenth-Century Connections series, please download this form and send it to the Series Editor: Professor Eve Tavor Bannet (