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Shearer's point process, the hard-sphere model, and a continuum Lovász local lemma

  • Christoph Hofer-Temmel (a1)


A point process is R-dependent if it behaves independently beyond the minimum distance R. In this paper we investigate uniform positive lower bounds on the avoidance functions of R-dependent simple point processes with a common intensity. Intensities with such bounds are characterised by the existence of Shearer's point process, the unique R-dependent and R-hard-core point process with a given intensity. We also present several extensions of the Lovász local lemma, a sufficient condition on the intensity and R to guarantee the existence of Shearer's point process and exponential lower bounds. Shearer's point process shares a combinatorial structure with the hard-sphere model with radius R, the unique R-hard-core Markov point process. Bounds from the Lovász local lemma convert into lower bounds on the radius of convergence of a high-temperature cluster expansion of the hard-sphere model. This recovers a classic result of Ruelle (1969) on the uniqueness of the Gibbs measure of the hard-sphere model via an inductive approach of Dobrushin (1996).


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Shearer's point process, the hard-sphere model, and a continuum Lovász local lemma

  • Christoph Hofer-Temmel (a1)


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