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African Studies Review
Continues African Studies Bulletin (1958 - 1969)
Title history
  • ISSN: 0002-0206 (Print), 1555-2462 (Online)
  • Editor: Benjamin N. Lawrance University of Arizona, USA
  • Editorial board
African Studies Review (ASR) is the principal academic and scholarly journal of the African Studies Association. ASR appears three times per year in April, September, and December, and is one of the many benefits of membership. The mission of the ASR is to publish the highest quality articles, as well as book and film reviews in all academic disciplines that are of interest to the interdisciplinary audience of ASA members.

Security, Surveillance, and Globalized Conflict in Africa

2016 African Studies Review Lecture

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  • The Vietnam War Reexamined
  • 16 November 2017, Diana Rissetto
  • The most widely accepted view about the Vietnam War is grounded on the assumptions that it was a tragic mistake for the United States to get involved in a struggle...