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Cambridge Open Option and animal

Cambridge Open Option allows authors the option to make their articles freely available to everyone, immediately on publication. This service reflects Cambridge's commitment to further the dissemination of published academic information.

The programme allows authors to make their animal article freely available in exchange for a one-off charge paid either by the authors themselves or by their associated funding body. This fee covers the costs connected with the publication process from peer review, through copyediting and typesetting, up to and including the hosting of the definitive version of the published article online. Payment of this one-off fee entitles permanent archiving both by Cambridge University Press and by the author; however, it also enables anyone else to view, search and download an article for personal and non-commercial use. The only condition for this is that the author and original source are properly acknowledged.

The Cambridge Open Option is only offered to authors upon acceptance of an article for publication and as such has no influence on the peer review or acceptance procedure. The paper will continue to be made available in both print and online versions, but will be made freely available to anyone with Internet links via our online platform, Cambridge Journals Online. In addition, such papers will have copyright assigned under a Creative Commons Attribution licence, which enables sharing and adaptation, providing attribution is given. All articles will continue to be handled in the normal manner with peer-review, professional production and online distribution in Cambridge Journals Online. Articles will also be included in the relevant Abstracting & Indexing services and in CrossRef, and can have supplementary content (text, video or audio) added to their online versions. Cambridge will also deposit the article in any relevant repositories on the author's behalf, where that is a condition of the funding body.

The Cambridge Open Option is now available to authors of articles in animal at the standard Cambridge rate of $2835 per article. Requests to take up the Cambridge Open Option will be subject to approval by the Editors of the Journal.

For more detailed information on Open Access and Cambridge Journals, please follow this link.

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