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  • ISSN: 0068-2454 (Print), 2045-2403 (Online)
  • Editors: Professor John Bennet British School at Athens, Greece, and Professor Peter Liddel University of Manchester, UK
  • Editorial board
Published on behalf of the British School at Athens

Annual of the British School at Athens publishes accounts of the School's projects as well as articles on a wide range of Hellenic subjects spanning a variety disciplines from art to archaeometry and covering Greece throughout history. It is the School’s major publication and one of the most important journals in the field.
'Linear B': a new collection

This year – 2022 – marks the 70th anniversary of the decipherment of the Linear B script and the centenary of the birth of Michael Ventris, who announced its decipherment on BBC Radio on 1 July, 1952... Read the full introduction to a new collection of research (and explore the articles) here

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