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Calls for Commentary

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Calls for Commentary Proposals

What is the purpose of the Call for Commentary Proposals? When a Target Article or recent book has been accepted for BBS Open Peer Commentary, the editorial office sends out a Call for Commentary Proposals to thousands of people. The BBS Editors are not asking for full Commentary articles when the Call is sent, rather they are requesting Commentary Proposals submitted though the BBS Editorial Manager system. If you do not wish to submit a Commentary Proposal, but would prefer to nominate others as potential invitees, please contact the journal office at Of course, you can choose to do both.

Title: Revisiting the Form and Function of Conflict: Neurobiological, Psychological and Cultural Mechanisms for Attack and Defense Within and Between Groups

Author: Carsten K.W. De Dreu and Jörg Gross

Deadline for Commentary Proposals: Thursday, November 15, 2018

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