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Book review information

The British Journal for the History of Science publishes a book reviews section every quarter, and we are eager to see that this forum on the latest research in our discipline is open to scholars at various stages of their career, from doctoral students and postdocs to established academics.

Information for reviewers

The journal publishes two types of review: single or double book reviews and essay reviews. The former take a focused approach to assessing the merits of recent publications for specialist and general readers in the history of science. They range in length from 600-1000 words for single book reviews to 1000-1400 words for double reviews. The latter take two or more recent publications in tandem and utilise a longer essay style format (word length agreed ad hoc). Essay reviews provide the opportunity to explore a developing historiography or set of historical problems. They provide readers with an invaluable guide to the questions and concerns that shape areas of research within the history of science, technology and medicine.

All review proposals must be agreed with the book reviews editor prior to commission (we do not accept unsolicited reviews that are ready for publication), and potential reviewers should be researching in a relevant field in order to make a credible assessment of the book(s) they are interested in.

Please consult our books received list which contains both the most recent books received by the journal and an archive of previous lists.

If you wish to review for the journal please contact the book reviews editor at

Information for publishers

The British Journal for the History of Science is happy to receive books from publishers in the history of science, technology and medicine from all geographical regions and time periods. We are also interested in interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary works on science, technology and medicine within the humanities and social sciences, provided they make contributions to the contextual understanding of science as a part of society and culture. We guarantee that we will supply publishers with a PDF of reviews upon publication.

Please send books for review to the following address:

Dr James Stark, BJHS Book Reviews Editor
School of Philosophy, Religion and History of Science
University of Leeds