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Editorial board

Professor Charlotte Sleigh, PO Box 73631, |London, |SW14 9BS

Book Review Editor

Dr Don Leggett, PO Box 73631, |London, |SW14 9BS|

Editorial Board

Professor Gowan Dawson, University of Leicester, UK

Dr Jim Endersby, University of Sussex, UK

Dr Vanessa Heggie, University of Birmingham, UK

Professor Daryn Lehoux, Queen’s University, Canada

Dr Jahnavi Phalkey , Kings College London, UK

Professor Jennifer M. Rampling, Princeton University, USA

Professor Jessica Riskin, Stanford University, USA

Dr Anna Marie Roos, University of Lincoln, UK

Dr Richard Staley, University of Cambridge, UK

Professor Justin Stearns, New York University, USA

Dr James Sumner, University of Manchester, UK

Professor Zuoyue Wang , California State Polytechnic University Pomona, USA

Executive Secretary, BSHS

Ms Lucy Tetlow, British Society for the History of Science, UK