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  • ISSN: 0714-9808 (Print), 1710-1107 (Online)
  • Editor: Dr Paul Stolee School of Public Health and Health Systems|University of Waterloo|Waterloo, Ontario, Canada|N2L 3G1
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The Canadian Journal on Aging/La Revue canadienne du vieillissement (CJA/RCV) promotes excellence in research and disseminates the latest work of researchers in the social sciences, humanities, health and biological sciences who study the older population of Canada and other countries; informs policy debates relevant to aging through the publication of the highest quality research; seeks to improve the quality of life for Canada's older population and for older populations in other parts of the world through the publication of research that focuses on the broad range of relevant issues from income security to family relationships to service delivery and best practices; and encourages the exchange of the latest ideas in gerontological research through the publication of work by international scholars to the benefit of the Canadian and international scholarly communities as well as older adults in Canada and around the world.

February article of the month

No Place Like Home: A Systematic Review of Home Care for Older Adults in Canada
Shanthi Johnson, Juanita Bacsu, Hasanthi Abeykoon, Tom McIntosh, Bonnie Jeffery and Nuelle Novik 

This systematic review of 50 studies identifies how existing literature characterizes home care recipients, challenges in the home care system, and strategies that support home care services. Home care has been recognized as a national priority, however results show significant gaps in our understanding of home care service organization, delivery and experiences in many Canadian jurisdictions and for specific populations such as older Indigenous adults, immigrants and refugees. This study and future research are important contributors to new and innovative strategies that can support our national home care system and its clients moving forward.

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