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Existence of Spanning ℱ-Free Subgraphs with Large Minimum Degree

  • G. PERARNAU (a1) and B. REED (a2)


Let ℱ be a family of graphs and let d be large enough. For every d-regular graph G, we study the existence of a spanning ℱ-free subgraph of G with large minimum degree. This problem is well understood if ℱ does not contain bipartite graphs. Here we provide asymptotically tight results for many families of bipartite graphs such as cycles or complete bipartite graphs. To prove these results, we study a locally injective analogue of the question.



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Existence of Spanning ℱ-Free Subgraphs with Large Minimum Degree

  • G. PERARNAU (a1) and B. REED (a2)


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