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Editor-in-Chief: Professor Kristin Verbeke KU Leuven  | Belgium
Editorial Board
Gut Microbiome is an open access journal, co-published by Cambridge University Press and The Nutrition Society, with the aim of supporting the development of an integrated, interdisciplinary understanding of the gut microbiome. The journal focus on the contributing factors that influence the gut microbiota and in turn how the gut microbiome impacts the health, development and disease status of the whole human body. The scope includes research dedicated to the role that different diets, pharmaceuticals and nutraceutricals, prebiotics and probiotics have in shaping an individual’s microbiome composition. Studies on animals will be welcomed when relevant to understanding the human microbiome and its interactions. Research on non-gut microbiomes will also be in scope if they have interactions with the gut microbiome; for example the interplay of the mother’s vaginal and skin microbiome in seeding the child’s gut microbiome. Notably, the journal will include the newly emerging field of research focusing on how the gut microbiome influences the immune and nervous systems.

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