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The Journal of Economic History
  • ISSN: 0022-0507 EISSN: 1471-6372
  • Editors: Dr William Collins Department of Economics|Vanderbilt University|Box 351819-B|Nashville, TN 37235|USA and Ann Carlos Department of Economics|256 UCB|Boulder, CO 80309|USA
  • Editorial board
The Journal of Economic History is devoted to the multidisciplinary study of history and economics, and is of interest not only to economic historians but to social and demographic historians, as well as economists in general. The journal has broad coverage, in terms of both methodology and geographic scope. Topics covered include money and banking, trade, manufacturing, technology, transportation, industrial organisation, labour, agriculture, servitude, demography, education, economic growth, and the role of government and regulation. In addition, an extensive book review section keeps readers informed about the latest work in economic history and related fields.

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Economics blog

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  • Reflexivity and flexibility: Complementary routes to innovation?
  • 22 July 2016, Maria Luisa Farnese
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